Thursday, April 5, 2012

The author's purpose

Based on the comments of the readers and critics, and from the content of the book itself I believe the purpose of this book is to inform and express. Stanton wrote this book after much research, and many interviews from the surviving crew members to record their stories, evenutally creating In Harm's Way. The book tells a story of the struggles these men went through, the battles they fought, and the losses they had except. For example, before each chapter there is an exact quote from one of the men along with his picture. The quote has to do with the chapter's focus and allows readers to actually visualize what the men looked like, and their thoughts about the tragedy or how it affect them. This small excerpts help show how real this occurance was. For example, Chapter 6 is title "Hope Afloat," and the crew memeber displayed talks about what he fanisized about while stranded in the water, how he could not wait to see his parents, and prayed to God that one day he would be able to (Jack Miner). This book is informative because it dicusses what happened that day, on July 29th, 1945. Stanton writes about exactly how the ship- Indianapolis; how it was torpedoed by a Japenese attack submarine and evetually sunk, the struggles for safety once the ship sunk, the amount of deaths, and the ones that survived.

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