Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mood of the book

The mood of this book is sadness and despair. The amount of deaths because of this horrific event was terrible. The loss of these crewmember was heart wrenching, and at some points hard to bare. At the beginning of the novel, Bob McGuiggan explained, "Going out to sea was the worst part, and coming back- that was the best part of hell." It's hard to think that some of those exact men thinking the same thing never returned home. During the shark attack stage, I was most effected. In chapter 7, GusIn one chapter, a second-class seaman, John Spinelli, kept hope in being rescued, "We are going to be rescued, someboy's gonna find us one of these days." It so sad to think about how much hope some of these men had, even during the rough days.

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