Thursday, April 5, 2012

Most important to the story

I think the most important element to the story are the events. From the time the book starts to the time it ends, each new event brings despair, sadness, and heart break. When the men arrive at Tinain Island, they believe the mission is over, they accomplished what they set out to do, and getting home would be easy. This took a turn for the worst when the topedoes struck the Indy, made the crewmembers jump over board, and then it proceeded to sink. The events tell the story, each one makes you feel the pain they endured, and makes you so greatful for their service. In the end, as the surivors are being rescued, all I could feel was excitement and complete happiness. The fact that 300 men were still alive after 5 days was sort of suprising. With all the things that with wrong, with no food or water, having to deal with injuries, and avoiding shark attacks, those 300 men endured it all and survived it.

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