Thursday, April 5, 2012

Three major incidents

1. The goal of this secret mission was to drop off critical parts of Little Boy (atomic bomb) at Tinian Island undetected. The crew believed this was the easy part of the mission, and once they completetd it and were on their way home, they assumed they were finished and the return voyage would be effortless. However on their way home, something happened that was highly unexpected. The fog became increasingly thick and the captains believed since no one was looking for the Indy, it wouldn't be spotted. Due to the captains' decisions to stop their "zigzag" motion, the Japanese picked up noise by sonar. The reason for this "zigzag" technique was to stay off the radar, and avoid making any noise but which they obiviously failed to do.

2. Next, Indy was struck by two torpedoes by the Japanese. After about 13 minutes, the ship capsized killing about 100 of the crew instantly. The rest of the crew abandoned ship and were left straded in the ocean. And all communication services, food, water, and supply sunk with the Indianapolis. These men didn't know whether they would live or die, and unfortunately many had succumbed to starvation, hypothermia, injuries, and other diseases. But the worst part is that these deaths weren't amoung the worst. At least 200 died because of shark attacks. Many describe "feed time" as one of their biggest fears in the world. Some of these men had to sit by as they watched their friends, crew mates be eaten alive by these beastly animals.

3. Within 5 days, what was left of the crew of the USS Indianapolis were resuced. Suprisingly, 300 of the 900 crewmembers survived.  If it wasn't for the the oil spills surrounding the crew in the water, the plane would never have found these men.

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