Thursday, April 5, 2012

What kind of person is the author?

Based on the book, I believe the author is a person that really enjoys history. He does an excellent job of gathering information about the attack, and the sinking of the USS Indianapolis. Stanton likes history, but particularly during WWII, which is the same time this event took place. He didn't start off writing about this stroy to make it into a book, but just a short article for the newpaper. As he traveled to Indianapolis to met with the survivors, he realized there way more to the story than a 5,000-word article could handle. After meeting with the survivors of the tragic incident that happened in 1945, he decided to create a book; one that tells the story of the event, the people that endured it, and the outcome (Stanton-Biography). Because of this I believe Doug Stanton is a caring man who wanted to write a book that would help Amercians never forget what is regarded as "the worst naval disaster at sea in U.S. history."

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